Six weeks away…

The summer of 2015 I migrated to the eastern side of Africa, an extremely small sized country that goes by the name of Eritrea. I highly enjoy my trips back home, I feel a sense of belonging and warmth but I needed to capture this through the camera lens which I found difficult.

Originally I wanted to make a documentary styled video, then I decided to save the idea for next time. Also the locations inspired me to one day go back and create a music video or drama because I feel the scenery will interest a wide range of viewers because they would not likely be familiar with the setting bringing something fresh and original to the table.

Instead I highlighted my favourite moments, not really considering who were the target audience because initially it was made for my memory. However, in saying I did have my family members in mind and I am sure many Eritreans around the world would be able to identify as they probably have been through theses streets at a point in their lives. This is effective as you are connecting emotionally with your audience.


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