Sign Language

‘Sign language’ I personally feel is a very layered short film with various different meanings behind it. It is effective as it leaves the audience entitled to their own interpretation.

Instantly when you hear the word ‘Sign language’ you assume that the media text would be about the obvious, the source of communication for people with hearing difficulties, however, it’s a whole different idea.

We are initially brought in because the character seems like a nice guy and the format of the film reminds me of a documentary styled  piece on his work life and what the job entails but then it becomes deeper. As he is talking about his work and his love for it the camera shots are all on this one girl, it’s a great technique as you are not spoon feeding your audience but they can still make the connection to what is actually going on.

Most of the shots were hand held which does give the film a realistic feel which also links to my point is has the documentary feel meaning the audience will find it easier to relate to the character.

The short film does follow typical conventions of a romantic story like the fact that it ends with a happy ending which lines up with the audience expectations so there are no surprises in that sense but it does end in a humorous note where the character is working in his new promoted job. The way its shot makes it seem that he has really moved up in the world becoming a pilot, something extremely important but ends up him still making signs but in the sky.


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