4 Week project “The Last Game”

Over the course of 4 weeks our group had been given the task to create the film we’ve always wanted to make, our dream film basically. Individually we went our separate ways and built our own little narrative for our personal dream scripts. Later on the whole group reunited, discussed our plans and constructed one perfect  idea with all our specific elements included.

For example my idea was based on my background and where I grew up which was tottenham which is surrounded by struggling working class families with young boys sometimes taking the wrong path and joining gangs. I wanted that to be represented in our short with the fact that they don’t really want to be there but they have to in order to have a chance of changing their life for the better.

initially we had a few issues including the fact that after pitching our possible media text, the feedback we received was unsure as the audience did not understand where our project was going. This was definitely because as a group we did not discuss in depth about the back story and develop the character enough for it to be believable for the audience. Therefore we went back to the script and amended it which I feel was quite successful the second time round.

Another aspect of the task was to use dubbing because a lot of big films use this method which can be a very effective way to control exactly how the sound is represented and understood by the audience. So all the violent punching, screaming, doors were  all created and recorded separately and added in post.


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