Cabinets of Curiosity

Week 1. (3 of November)

Our first meeting consisted of each one of us sharing personal items which have signIMG_0675.jpgificant value in order to create a character that reflects all our inputs. I brought my collection of hats because I consider it to be a part of my identity, if you know me then you should expect to see a hat and if I am not wearing one it usually comes as a shock. Hats can symbolize a variety of clues about the character, you could either detect the idea that the person could be really stylish or really shy but at this point we weren’t entirely sure how we were going to use this to our advantage.

Mohammed contributed to the character with his collection of currency he has from all the countries he’s visited. Its an interestinIMG_0228g way of indicating that this character travels a lot.

What Abbey brought to the table was her interest in mental health issues and the fact that a person may look fine on the outside but we don’t really understand what they are feeling within. so these hidden layers that make up a character hidden in the closet was a nice twist to the group.

Farai has a passion for fashion so he brought along his vogue magazine from 2010 which definitely links with my hats idea if we do decide to go with the fashion side if representation. He also had a book on fame and pop culture and how it can effect the mass, so as a group we thought including the effects of how pop culture effects our character individual could create one realistic gripping character.

Lastly but not least was Alex’s skiing goggles just highlights the adventurous side that we could bring to our missing character we are going to create and does show in a sense that the character must be privileged in a sense to be able so experience everything above.

These ideas lead us to a very breif idea on a female character who does a bit of blogging, very into fashion. She is quite popular amongst her friends and through her social media presence but suffered from loneliness and depression.

We were highly influenced by an Instagram  model who recently quit as it was making her miserable.


 Week 2 (12 November)

we met up once again to discuss our idea more in depth, we needed to sort out all the ins and outs of our character and we needed all of us had to make sure we knew ‘Taylor India Johnson’ like our very own friend.

So we then went on to making an Instagram account, an email address a Twitter and a Tumblr  just to emphasize the her attachment to social media.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 5.08.36 PM

Her Instagram profile is very clean cut and classy this reflects on her as a person and we can also indicate that she spends quite a lot of her time perfecting this profile.

we took a look at a number of different Instagram accounts to guide our group into making the most realistic account, so believable that members of the public wouldn’t even know themselves that it was made by 6 Media productionScreen Shot 2015-11-25 at 5.19.25 PM.png students.

In order for it to be believable you need likes on your photos and followers and as it is almost impossible to make a viral account with no budget we had to generate them with external apps. what this involved us doing was spending hours on end liking and following other people to add up the credits to buy followers and likes. Our aim was to get to thousand but it occupied to much of our time and we gave up when we reached 500. However,these are real accounts following and a lot of them are active in liking ‘Taylor indigos’ photos and as we created a bit of buzz fIMG_0235or the account other people started to follow without the help of the app.

We also talked about what we would film, what audio we would use and how we would link all the little bits and pieces to make on overall flowing story.  picking the days where everyone is free so we could get it done as quickly as possible.

What we came up with was a stalker who follows her, he’s a psychopath and came across her Instagram account and has been obsessed with her ever since. The Instagram account will document the moments before Taylor goes missing and gradually you will see the stalker in the back of every recent photo she has taken but he is very well hidden so the average person wouldn’t be able to spot him. This was our idea but wether we are able to pull this off successfully we will see.


Week 3

Our group went out to film ready for the pre-presentation, w12248798_946022495477188_1390143269_ne got an actress to play Taylor and we started filming the scenes where the stalker was following her Instagram through her  posts. This is like evidence for the investigation as its key to finding out where Taylor has gone missing to. I edited this video adding music and blurring aspects of the farm that wasn’t necessary so the audience could focus our eyes on the stalker.

On the same day we made vlogs for her youtube channel just to establish that this is what she does for a living snd what she dedicates her time to.

This video is the first one Taylor indigo posted before her life got messy.

On the same day I also  made a few receipts to build up the character for Taylor, so you can see the types of things she buys from the shop and what it says about her.

These Show that she like her cosmetics and her expensive materialistic products. In he logs she’s been saying things like thank you to new look for this top making it seem as if they are sponsoring her but really she’s going out buying these products for herself which is quite sad, going on length just to fit in and become popular.


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