Grizzly Man

“How does your perception of Timothy Treadwell evolve during the film, and how is that opinion shaped by Herzog’s narration?”


At the very beginning of ‘Grizzly Man’ I found Timothy Treadwell not entertaining and found it difficult to stay engaged, mainly because of the lack of knowledge I had of him.

The documentary started of with one of the clips documented by Treadwell himself giving basic advice and instructions on how to deal with a wild bear. I found him slightly amusing and out of his mind because I felt what kind of person in their right mind would spend 13 summers with animals that couldn’t care less about him.

Herzog’s narration was introduced quite a few minutes after the documentary had started so it really did confuse me as I wasn’t expecting it to be about his death and how his work effected the world. I feel like this gave me a chance to warm up to Treadwell because Herzog informed the audience personal aspects of Treadwell we wouldn’t have known by just watching his bear experiments because he puts a persona which doesn’t seem like him.

Later on in the documentary ‘Grizzly Man’ people outside the project who knew him were introduced by Herzog to share their opinion of Treadwell. This had a huge influence on what I thought of him but also informed me that Treadwell was a baffling character.

His ex girlfriend clearly loved him and supported the work he was doing however, his parents loved him just as much but just couldn’t understand why he was doing the field of work he wasimages.jpeg, they believe it stems from the drugs he was taking back in college. There was definitely a mix of opinions and not everyone agreed as some people thought he was special and amazing well others thought he may of been ill and not right in the head. There is evidence to support both arguments which leaves my mind blanc and clueless on what to think of him. It was a series of events that tipped Treadwell of the edge they believe , especially after the incident of not getting a certain job.

Treadwell had changed his name put on a new persona even changed his accent, researched into a small town in austrailia to make his act more believable but most people agree that his accent did not sound Australian.

Audience probably have some sort of sympathy for him as he mentions that girlfriends don’t stay with him for a long time but he doesn’t know what he is doing wrong. He honestly in my eyes seems like a genuine guy and we can feel the emphasis of the loneliness he feels and the bears were a source of escapism from the cruel human world.

Some parts of Herzog’s narrative sounded as if he was an enemy of Treadwell because he clearly is against what he’s doing but Herzog does try to keep an unbiased view but it is evident that he thought something was wrong. This leads to the audience adopting his view because at the end of the day Herzog is the one telling Treadwell’s story.

Despite this I have a lot of respect for Timothy Treadwell because he always stood for what he believed in, followed his dreams and continued being the person he wanted to be. Even when others were against him, he died being true to himself and was happy which everyone wants to be.


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