We wanted to have a profession studio finish on our ‘Who I am’ project, so it was essential we used a blacked out room so that we have full control on where the light hits, This means we can manipulate what the audience see’s. The LED’S that we booked out gave a metallic light whereas the (red heads) gives more of a warm saturated colour and that gave us a chance to play with the emotions we wanted to represent. With the camera we created lens flares because it looks beautiful and this correlated with the theme of the poem of not knowing yourself but slowly finding more and more about your identity which is a beautiful thing.

Some problems that was apparent was the fact that in the studio room has white plastic going through the middle of the whole room, which was annoying because it took away from our professional look we wanted. This made us realize that next time we have to go on a rekey first to deduce if the room is suitable and find ways to fix the problem before the actual day of the shoot so we aren’t wasting time on the day which is what we did.

However, we overcame the problem at first we tried to cover it with our black jumpers but it kept dropping off so in the end we just decided to crop it of in the postproduction.

A slider was used in parts of the shoot to give the video a bit of movement as if it was static the whole way through it would be extremely boring. After watching through I can see that there is so much room for improvement because of so many little aspects that effect the video as a whole preventing it in being the standard we would like. For example the poetry I feel is better read in your head rather than read out loud so next time we have to think more carefully to when we write a script to be said. Overall it was successful as we produced a piece of work which will enable to be better in future projects.


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