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161 I think…

Pitch your Film

Imagine two 15 year old twins living in the middle of tottenham living with their mother and father in a two bedroom flat estate. Both parents work all times of the day just to survive and keep the family a float. However this was evident at school because the two twins just didn’t fit in their clothes were different, they shared a phone between them and it wasn’t even a nice one. All they had was each other because no one wanted to even be remotely associated with them. One day the twins were window shopping and saw the nicest shoes they had ever seen so they thought in order to get them they needed to start selling small drugs like weed and they would only do it as a one of but little did they know they would build an empire, selling all types of drugs and even to one of their teachers.

The Remix

My remix is inspired by Donald trump and it is basically and emphasis on how I see him and an exaggeration on the silly things he says.


Romeo & Juliet, digital story

I wanted to make a modernized version of Romeo & Juliet set during the age of web 2.0 because I feel it would be very humorous. Ive adapted the language so they have used slang instead. I felt is was a good option as many people should be familiar with Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’


I have attempted to do the vine set but Out of all the tasks I found this the most difficult because we have to tell a whole movies story within about 6 seconds, Which does take a bit of planning and storyboarding. I feel if you haven’t heard the story of cinderella then you may be confused as vital areas of the story are missing but if you have watched it you would get the gist.

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Based on the Adulthood series by Noel Clarke with a twist as its children who resemble the characters from the cast and imitate their behavior and use certain memorable catch phrases but apply it to their childish situations.

Scene 1.

Shots of the children getting dropped to school by their parents, they are just normal innocent kids until the adults disappear.

Scene 2.

A little white child try’s to buy fruitella from the Asian dealer, who sells sweets at school in the playground. Like in the movie ‘Anuvahood’ we will make reference to the conversation used between Adam Deacon and the Asian shopkeeper.

Scene 3

A mixed raced girl and a white girl are sitting on the friendship bench catching up after a long weekend. They talk about how the mixed race girl feel sick and thinks it may be morning sickness but the whit girl is a bit confused as it isn’t morning. (Dialogue will be taken from kidulthood)

Scene 4

Black boy (Sam) gets into an argument with a bigger black boy, which leads into a fight like in the big scene in kidulthood.

Scene 5

Another troubled child gets into a confrontation with one of the cover teacher, accusing her to be a racist to get out of doing work.