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What was my role? What is Touch & go!

My Role on the day of the TV production was the producer so in theory I was the person who provided the money, sorted out the budget and other paperwork but in a student production it is hard to do those things. So I mainly made sure everything was running smoothlyProducerChair.png and on time, I would watch the screen to see if the take was good and try and encourage everyone telling them they are doing a great job, so everyone feels positive and motivated.


Also I edited the International VT and the online extra video for people who are a little more interested in the show and head over to the website. I was also in charge of the ‘Touch and Go’ shows twitter account and took photos of behind the scenes and posted them online to involve the second screen with in the show.


The name of the Tv studio program we produced is called ‘touch and go’ inspired by the one show we named our magazine program that is because every week be would touch on a different topic and move on swiftly.

we chose to focus our theme for the assessment on piracy and the effects it has on artists, we brought in an up and coming musician to the show and asked him his thoughts  on the issue then we ended the show with him doing a live performance. We tried to get our audience involved by getting them to tweet in the show on their opinions and the best ones got read out, we also directed the viewers to our website so they can see exclusive clips.


The first few weeks we spent a few spent discussing what our program should be about and in my opinion it to a while to decide because 14 people are going to have a variety of ideas so it was about getting on the same page. At first the majority of the group wanted to do the show on student loans but I really disliked the idea as its very serious and also the fact that students always tend to make products based on school life which is a bit to repetitive. We tried to meet up regularly but it was hard and it was even harder to plan last minute meetings purely because of the size of the groups and people may have some plans already like going to work or being in a different city.


The four weeks leading up to our live show we were in the studio practicing we thought we were set, but a few days before the show our live performer cancelled on us, so we were desperately searching for a replacement but this was dangerous because we didn’t have much time to do a rehearsal with the new act, however he was brilliant and our team behind the scenes working on the promoter and talking on the mic did a great job and everyone understood exactly what was going on. On the Vt’s we did have a few sound issues that we tried to fix as cleanly as we could and some of the footage was grainy as we used 700d’s, which are nothing compared to the studio cameras, and no lighting because it would have been to heavy to carry to Amsterdam.

This was the result of our show..

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Amsterdam Trip

During the preparations for IMG_9550.JPGour TV studio we need to make a home VT and an international  one. Our international VT was set the the cultural city of Amsterdam. As a group we researched into possible topics we could shoot, Meida our PA found this old antique looking cinema which linked perfectly to our TV programme because we were focusing on the topic piracy. However, we realized that Magazine shows touch on other topics and it would be dull episode if we wen ton about piracy for the whole time so we thought to send our presenter to a tattoo parlor and talk about souvenir tattoo’s because she was quite keen on getting one on our trip to Amsterdam. Then again Meida stumbled onto a unique museum named the Vrolik Museum which showcased human anatomy research with real dead baby heads in a jar and even a two headed cat. As a group we couldn’t decide which VT we preferred to do so we just filmed both as back up.13012725_1174704925881281_2914570715243085838_n.jpgIt is hard trying to find your way around a foreign country, getting on public transport as we did not know the system of payment. Or even filming in certain places as we weren’t 100% sure of the rules and regulations. But in my opinion it went successfully, there we a few little mistakes that we know for next time we need to improve on. Also one thing that I have learned is scheduling your time and organizing it down to the dot is do important because you only have a limited amount of days in the country so you can not waste any time as you will not get another chance to correct your mistakes. The hostel was literally our base due to the fact the making phone calls was expensive and we only had wifi if we were in the Hostel so literally we wouldn’t be able to communicate with anyone if that person got lost or is running a little late.

Overall it was  a really exciting trip it was work all the time, we got up to a lot of touristy activities and we got a little bit of sun which we don’t get in England.


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Blog Task 5 – Understanding Context

Blue peter and The real are both based in a
studio but their websites look quite different for various reasons, for example depending on who the target audience is what topics they cover and even gender can play a part.
Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.10.26 AM.png
Blue peter is a children based magazine program in the UK owned by BBC and aired on CBBC. They continued their blue theme that is also emphasized on their program and also their names includes the word ‘blue’ so it only makes sense to have the website that color. It makes it easier for me to identify who’s show it is with out putting to much thought into it as its automatic.
Since BBC is a public service broadcaster it means that they have to cater to the whole country and represent everyone even minorities as the members of public pay Tv license. You can see they’ve tried doing this by putting three presenters at the front, a white man; a female and a black male so the majority races and genders are being represented here.
This is aimed for young viewers so they have a number of interactive activities that you wouldn’t get on the website of ‘The real’ TV show. for example the blue peter website has a variety of games you can play and other educational factors beneficial to these children, they even have a fan club for the viewers a little more enthusiastic with the show.
Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.13.59 AM.png
The real is clearly for an older audience, targeted at women around their 30’s. It is quite clear on the website because of the use of the purple which could be considered as a feminine color, also the fact the panel at the top of the website happen to be all girls who are posing glamorously highlighting who their audience is.
This website is very much more hectic than the ‘Blue Peter’ website and you can see that more money has been put into this website  because  Blue Peter is just on page where as The Real has a variety  from  tickets to their show to their very own merchandise shop for their big fans.
One aspect that annoys me a little is that this website is filled with pop up adverts, Because they aren’t on a public broadcasting service like Blue Peter is with the BBC so this is how this institution would stem some bit of income. However, I find it irritating and ruins the user experience.
Its an American produced and broadcasted show but The real have fans all over the world who aren’t able to watch the program because of restrictions and this is where the website comes very handy. you can watch episodes online or even watch mini clips highlighting the most exciting parts of that weeks show. Another type interactivity The Real has in place is their competitions, This gets loads of people contacting the show.
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CW Blog Task 4 – Health and Safety

Health and safety checks are essential in ensuring an efficient and professional environment to work in. Even though some of these hazards may seem like common sense it is just wise to complete and make sure everyone is aware because if someone gets hurt it effects the show and the institution definitely does not want to pay compensation for a little slip that could of been prevented.
Common Hazards of working in a TV studio are:
  • Tripping over cables – having a cable basher
  • spilling liquid on equipment or slipping because of liquid – No food or drink
  • dropping heavy equipment – Do not carry equipment by yourself
  • lifting heavy equipment – Do not carry equipment Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 7.08.04 PM.pngby yourself
  • electrocuting yourself – Don’t play with wires if you aren’t trained
  • Fire/Over heating – Have a practise fire drill so everyone knows what to do incase.

I have filled out a risk assessment form for if were were going to do a coke and mentos trick in the studio. Especially because we are dealing with liquid inside the studio we have to make sure that all procedures are in place for a smooth running show.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 6.07.39 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-05-18 at 7.02.29 PM.png

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Blog Task 3 – Context

 Many want the BBC license fee to be scraped and there are many pros and cons to this, some people would prefer to not pay any license fee which means more money in their pocket. However, that would mean the BBC would have to look for another source of income and that would have to be through adverts which can be annoying every 15 minutes being interrupted by commercials.
I also understand that because we pay a license fee the BBC are obliged to try and represent the uk as accurately as they can. This makes them a (PSB)
 “regulated broadcasting which has ‘providing a public service’ as a primary aim
So if this fee is scrapped shows for minorities like ‘Mr khan’ could be abandoned plus everything will be based on profit if the BBC goes private.
 “BBC1 remains the most popular channel, programs that attract large audiences is   essential to justify asking everyone to pay
I mean it only makes sense and just highlights the impact and importance of BBC and the license fee.
On the other hand thousands of people get away with not paying a fee and it isn’t fair on the people who are actually paying, its unfair on the poor who can’t afford it and are being criminalized for it .
In terms of the second screen experience, institutions have now seen that there has been a change in the way we watch tv, I am not just a passive viewer, I have to be doing two things at once. Since the introduction of web 2.0 as its ‘always on’ portable and interactive media making direct communication easy and attractive
Wether that being on my phone, tablet or laptop so TV shows have to adapt to the new form of watching television, they don’t want to lose audience so they need to create a good way of second screen experience that connects the show to their device.
For example we have a popular show like x factor, there was a time where you could only vote by calling which costs money but now you can download the app and vote there also they have exclusive stuff about the show on the application which just gives a bit of depth to it. Or take a look at Britain’s got talent they are very well known for that big red buzzer, When the panelist don’t like an act they can press the button and it makes an iconic noise. What the makers have done is allowed the audience to get involved by having red buttons on the app and they can also decide if they like the act or not, It won’t directly effect the show but you are able to see if thousands of people like it or not too.
Christina Warren a writer spoke to “Nigel Lythgoe about American Idol and he said that the producers were actively looking at ways to integrate the second screen into the singing competition in the future.This is because they know this a big threat, second screening isn’t a new thing we have been doing it with books and newspapers however, we’ve seen what web 2.0 has done to the print industry when institutions didn’t eveovle they became irrelevant and the ones who moved online stayed thriving. The american Idol producers understand it is survival of the fittest and are planning to make changed appropriately.
– The Media Students book 5th Edition
– Christina Warren. (02-05-13). When did the ‘ Second Screen’ become a thing?. Available: Last accessed 12-05-2016.
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Blog Task 2 – Compare and Contrast TV Studio Programmes

The Gadget Show & The Graham Norton Show


The Gadget show consists of 4 presenters 3 males and 1 female with a range of ages, where as The graham norton show has just one which is Graham Norton himself. They both have studio based elements in their show but definitely touch on different topics aimed for different audiences.

I can tell that the nerdy gadget show is aimed for a niche market people who are into technology and love knowing the stats and statistics about it, it is just a cool little, informative program however, The Graham Norton show gets in celebrity guests each week and gossip about their personal lives and other latest events but most of these guests are on here for a bigger agenda which is to promote a new film or album of some sort.

The purple color scheme on Nortons show may symbolize royalty because this Tv show is aimed for a more mature audience as its quite classy, everyone is in their smart clothes and the quality of the shots look glamorous. Whereas the gadget show is dark blue which may seem as quite a masculine color hence the fact they only have on female presenter and the rest males. The producers probably feel that this topic is male dominant with an exception of a few females.

They both are aired at contrary times Norton’s show is after water shed as it has adult humor not really suitable for a young audience but the Gadget show is aired before that because its a good way to advertise products and children may be interested in some of the technological toys they have.

The pair both have distinctive theme tunes suitable to their show, Norton has an in your face dazzling and elegant theme song to match his personality and to fit in with the medias codes and conventions of what it is to be gay but it is obviously a stereotype. On the other hand we have The gadget show with a theme tune that sounds a bit more like the news which emphasizes the fact the show will be informative and give us useful information about the products we see in the show.

I do enjoy both programmes even though they are contrasting because I have more than one interest. One thing I would change is that if the Graham Norton show had more stuff outside studio based then it may add more depth into the show.


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Blog Task 1 – The One Show

BBCOneShow.jpg‘The One Show’ is a magazine show situated on BBC 1 at seven pm on the weekdays. This is around the time where the whole family is back home from work and school and are all slumped on the sofa in front of the Television.

They try to cater to the mass because BBC is public service broadcaster meaning the public are paying so they expect to see something they can identify with or at least enjoy. This is shown from the font, the colors used and even the presenters. The fact there is one female and one male shows the institution are thinking about their audience and the colorful studio makes it known that its child friendly and also because its before the watershed.

Every day the show has different topics based on current events and they have a variety of celebrity guests which ensures their audience is engaged plus it  may bring in more audience. Its not all studio based as they have VT’s and have other reporters dedicated to the outside world which adds some depth to the show.

What I noticed was there was a friendly vibe which made it easier for me to watch and I’d probably watch another episode again. Also I looked into the website which showed a lot of continuity with the color scheme and font which is very important so we are familiar with the convention of the programmed and will be able to identify it quickly. Also the website has lots of exclusives and interactive elements which makes my user experience more enjoyable.