Blog Task 1 – The One Show

BBCOneShow.jpg‘The One Show’ is a magazine show situated on BBC 1 at seven pm on the weekdays. This is around the time where the whole family is back home from work and school and are all slumped on the sofa in front of the Television.

They try to cater to the mass because BBC is public service broadcaster meaning the public are paying so they expect to see something they can identify with or at least enjoy. This is shown from the font, the colors used and even the presenters. The fact there is one female and one male shows the institution are thinking about their audience and the colorful studio makes it known that its child friendly and also because its before the watershed.

Every day the show has different topics based on current events and they have a variety of celebrity guests which ensures their audience is engaged plus it  may bring in more audience. Its not all studio based as they have VT’s and have other reporters dedicated to the outside world which adds some depth to the show.

What I noticed was there was a friendly vibe which made it easier for me to watch and I’d probably watch another episode again. Also I looked into the website which showed a lot of continuity with the color scheme and font which is very important so we are familiar with the convention of the programmed and will be able to identify it quickly. Also the website has lots of exclusives and interactive elements which makes my user experience more enjoyable.


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