Blog Task 2 – Compare and Contrast TV Studio Programmes

The Gadget Show & The Graham Norton Show


The Gadget show consists of 4 presenters 3 males and 1 female with a range of ages, where as The graham norton show has just one which is Graham Norton himself. They both have studio based elements in their show but definitely touch on different topics aimed for different audiences.

I can tell that the nerdy gadget show is aimed for a niche market people who are into technology and love knowing the stats and statistics about it, it is just a cool little, informative program however, The Graham Norton show gets in celebrity guests each week and gossip about their personal lives and other latest events but most of these guests are on here for a bigger agenda which is to promote a new film or album of some sort.

The purple color scheme on Nortons show may symbolize royalty because this Tv show is aimed for a more mature audience as its quite classy, everyone is in their smart clothes and the quality of the shots look glamorous. Whereas the gadget show is dark blue which may seem as quite a masculine color hence the fact they only have on female presenter and the rest males. The producers probably feel that this topic is male dominant with an exception of a few females.

They both are aired at contrary times Norton’s show is after water shed as it has adult humor not really suitable for a young audience but the Gadget show is aired before that because its a good way to advertise products and children may be interested in some of the technological toys they have.

The pair both have distinctive theme tunes suitable to their show, Norton has an in your face dazzling and elegant theme song to match his personality and to fit in with the medias codes and conventions of what it is to be gay but it is obviously a stereotype. On the other hand we have The gadget show with a theme tune that sounds a bit more like the news which emphasizes the fact the show will be informative and give us useful information about the products we see in the show.

I do enjoy both programmes even though they are contrasting because I have more than one interest. One thing I would change is that if the Graham Norton show had more stuff outside studio based then it may add more depth into the show.



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