Blog Task 5 – Understanding Context

Blue peter and The real are both based in a
studio but their websites look quite different for various reasons, for example depending on who the target audience is what topics they cover and even gender can play a part.
Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.10.26 AM.png
Blue peter is a children based magazine program in the UK owned by BBC and aired on CBBC. They continued their blue theme that is also emphasized on their program and also their names includes the word ‘blue’ so it only makes sense to have the website that color. It makes it easier for me to identify who’s show it is with out putting to much thought into it as its automatic.
Since BBC is a public service broadcaster it means that they have to cater to the whole country and represent everyone even minorities as the members of public pay Tv license. You can see they’ve tried doing this by putting three presenters at the front, a white man; a female and a black male so the majority races and genders are being represented here.
This is aimed for young viewers so they have a number of interactive activities that you wouldn’t get on the website of ‘The real’ TV show. for example the blue peter website has a variety of games you can play and other educational factors beneficial to these children, they even have a fan club for the viewers a little more enthusiastic with the show.
Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.13.59 AM.png
The real is clearly for an older audience, targeted at women around their 30’s. It is quite clear on the website because of the use of the purple which could be considered as a feminine color, also the fact the panel at the top of the website happen to be all girls who are posing glamorously highlighting who their audience is.
This website is very much more hectic than the ‘Blue Peter’ website and you can see that more money has been put into this website  because  Blue Peter is just on page where as The Real has a variety  from  tickets to their show to their very own merchandise shop for their big fans.
One aspect that annoys me a little is that this website is filled with pop up adverts, Because they aren’t on a public broadcasting service like Blue Peter is with the BBC so this is how this institution would stem some bit of income. However, I find it irritating and ruins the user experience.
Its an American produced and broadcasted show but The real have fans all over the world who aren’t able to watch the program because of restrictions and this is where the website comes very handy. you can watch episodes online or even watch mini clips highlighting the most exciting parts of that weeks show. Another type interactivity The Real has in place is their competitions, This gets loads of people contacting the show.

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