Amsterdam Trip

During the preparations for IMG_9550.JPGour TV studio we need to make a home VT and an international  one. Our international VT was set the the cultural city of Amsterdam. As a group we researched into possible topics we could shoot, Meida our PA found this old antique looking cinema which linked perfectly to our TV programme because we were focusing on the topic piracy. However, we realized that Magazine shows touch on other topics and it would be dull episode if we wen ton about piracy for the whole time so we thought to send our presenter to a tattoo parlor and talk about souvenir tattoo’s because she was quite keen on getting one on our trip to Amsterdam. Then again Meida stumbled onto a unique museum named the Vrolik Museum which showcased human anatomy research with real dead baby heads in a jar and even a two headed cat. As a group we couldn’t decide which VT we preferred to do so we just filmed both as back up.13012725_1174704925881281_2914570715243085838_n.jpgIt is hard trying to find your way around a foreign country, getting on public transport as we did not know the system of payment. Or even filming in certain places as we weren’t 100% sure of the rules and regulations. But in my opinion it went successfully, there we a few little mistakes that we know for next time we need to improve on. Also one thing that I have learned is scheduling your time and organizing it down to the dot is do important because you only have a limited amount of days in the country so you can not waste any time as you will not get another chance to correct your mistakes. The hostel was literally our base due to the fact the making phone calls was expensive and we only had wifi if we were in the Hostel so literally we wouldn’t be able to communicate with anyone if that person got lost or is running a little late.

Overall it was  a really exciting trip it was work all the time, we got up to a lot of touristy activities and we got a little bit of sun which we don’t get in England.



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