What was my role? What is Touch & go!

My Role on the day of the TV production was the producer so in theory I was the person who provided the money, sorted out the budget and other paperwork but in a student production it is hard to do those things. So I mainly made sure everything was running smoothlyProducerChair.png and on time, I would watch the screen to see if the take was good and try and encourage everyone telling them they are doing a great job, so everyone feels positive and motivated.


Also I edited the International VT and the online extra video for people who are a little more interested in the show and head over to the website. I was also in charge of the ‘Touch and Go’ shows twitter account and took photos of behind the scenes and posted them online to involve the second screen with in the show.


The name of the Tv studio program we produced is called ‘touch and go’ inspired by the one show we named our magazine program that is because every week be would touch on a different topic and move on swiftly.

we chose to focus our theme for the assessment on piracy and the effects it has on artists, we brought in an up and coming musician to the show and asked him his thoughts  on the issue then we ended the show with him doing a live performance. We tried to get our audience involved by getting them to tweet in the show on their opinions and the best ones got read out, we also directed the viewers to our website so they can see exclusive clips.


The first few weeks we spent a few spent discussing what our program should be about and in my opinion it to a while to decide because 14 people are going to have a variety of ideas so it was about getting on the same page. At first the majority of the group wanted to do the show on student loans but I really disliked the idea as its very serious and also the fact that students always tend to make products based on school life which is a bit to repetitive. We tried to meet up regularly but it was hard and it was even harder to plan last minute meetings purely because of the size of the groups and people may have some plans already like going to work or being in a different city.


The four weeks leading up to our live show we were in the studio practicing we thought we were set, but a few days before the show our live performer cancelled on us, so we were desperately searching for a replacement but this was dangerous because we didn’t have much time to do a rehearsal with the new act, however he was brilliant and our team behind the scenes working on the promoter and talking on the mic did a great job and everyone understood exactly what was going on. On the Vt’s we did have a few sound issues that we tried to fix as cleanly as we could and some of the footage was grainy as we used 700d’s, which are nothing compared to the studio cameras, and no lighting because it would have been to heavy to carry to Amsterdam.

This was the result of our show..


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