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Task 4: Critical Reflection, 1000 words

Write one reflective blog post that details your process and evaluates your professional development and the progress you are making on this module with specific reference to

LO1. You should make reference to and reflect upon the reading for the module. Please refer to the weekly reading and the reading list on Moodle.


LO1 – demonstrate their immersion in and engagement with the creative- critical process through evidencing the week-by-week development of their ideas and reflecting on their personal professional development;


Task 4: Critical Reflection, 1000 words

Throughout this module we have been learning about creating impact in media production. In order for me to be successful in achieving an impact I would need to understand the professional and critical process. As a class we started with very little knowledge but as week went on I could see the development in myself because of the workshops, the practical tasks and the reading set every week which definitely enhanced my professional conduct.
Before this module I used to have many possible ideas for films and documentaries but I would forget them within minutes and when its time for me to give an idea, I can’t think of any. The first task we got set was to buy a note pad and write in it every single day no matter how smIMG_1791.jpgall the idea was and I am still doing it now even after the module, as now it is like a habit and it just shows progress was made. I had no motivation to start writing but looking through the reading I saw ‘Life Just Is: a filmmaker’s journal’, an article on BFI’s website also displaying a journal by “Feature film, director Alex Barret” Who “Kept a daily record of every stage of prIMG_1792.jpgoduction.” It was inspiring to see that someone in the profession was doing something similar to what I was attempting to do. Even when he has nothing to right about Barret still rights something because it may spur an idea or he could look back at that part of the journal a few weeks later and see the growth he has made. For example an entry written on the 9th of july 2009 said “Feeling very unmotivated. No one is doing anything. There’s no drive. No push. Nothing. I feel fed up, exhausted and worn out.”
I want to be a film maker but there is more to it than standing behind a camera and pressing a red button. You still need a level of confidence , be able to sell your idea in a polished manner, to  be able to articulate your words correctly and convince your listener that your idea is good and is worth investing in, wether it be money or time or even support. This is something I struggled with, a crowd of people can be intimidating and also  recognizing how to pitch to a particular audience, depending who you are speaking with can require a contrasting method of pitching. If I am working in big groups the only way I will get what I want is if I state it, it isn’t guaranteed but its better than not saying anything at all, I have become a more active participant, doesn’t matter if the initial idea is bad it may lead into a better and more developed version.

“Copyright protects literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works as well as films, sound recordings, book layouts, and broadcasts.” This can be annoying because that prevents low budget creatives like me from using popular music in my videos. I didn’t really care about complying with using royalty free music but it can prevent you from making any money from your own work or even worse lose money by getting sued. Three years ago I made a parody remix video of the Christmas story as if it was set in an Eritrean/Ethiopian family, It received a little bit of views but I didn’t get paid for the advertisements that went up and that was because I used copyright music by The Weeknd. Even though I don’t mind not being paid as this was just for fun it is good to know for future purposes.Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 11.04.14 AM.png


Thats why I had to be cautious when we had the remix task, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to use footage from youtube and remake it as we can’t use music. However,’s website explains “The law has changed to allow people to make some limited, reasonable use of creative content protected by copyright, for the purpose of caricature, parody or pastiche, without having to obtain the permission of the rights holder.”. Meaning I can take videos of Donald Trump and manipulate him into saying funny or controversial things.


Previously I had done a bit of editing but it was very basic but this gave me a chance to explore distinctive styles of editing which is the only way i can progress to a professional standard. I don’t particularly enjoy that type of remix editing because it takes a lot of time and research, finding lots of different clips of the subject and listening to every thing they say so you can construct a sentence out of it, very long and time consuming. Nevertheless, I’m familiar with the process meaning I have respect for people who participate in this type of editing as a profession because I know how much effort it takes. Respecting someone else craft, recognizing their successes and also learning from them highlights my development as an artist and a person in general. The way I learnt is not only from class but doing that little extra research like youtube tutorials, also books like ‘getting started in short film making’ because it has some sections on editing with various different softwares, so I am starting to become a bit more open minded and building up my skill.

Web 2.0 has changed society massively and has had a huge impact. If you are able to grasp knowledge int the field then you too can create an impact. Thousands of people are doing that, its just about being creative and understanding your audience. From Vines to youtube videos and blogs, It is enabling us to be more interactive participating audiences. Working on my narrative skills were crucial because a film can not be successful without a good plot, Its a challenging task especially when you have to fit it into 6 seconds which hundreds of people do on vine every single day. Making vines and challenging myself in fitting a narrative from a fairy tale in six seconds has really improved my longer narratives as I understand the basic but nessesary factors that have huge significance on the story. Reading the chapter It Takes a Village to Find a PhoneFile from the book ‘Here Comes EveryBody’ emphasized the importance that web 2.0 has in bringing and uniting people together because we are able to communicate much easier and freely from people all over the world, bringing ideas together and solving problems. 
Interactive documentaries have been on of the latest phases in our journey within web 2.0 its anew inventive way to get consumers engaged by allowing them to participate and somewhat dictate the results to a certain extent.Personally I hadn’t heard of it before I started Coventry and this module resulted in me knowing and having the option to one day experiment with this type of documentary. Fort McMoney is a Canadian interactive documentary and I love the fact it isn’t cliche, I feel like I am part of the journey deciding what I want to know about the subjects and following their daily lives rather than a set narrative. On the module we had a chance of our own to us storygami to introduce some type of interactivity onto our favorite documentaries but I didn’t really enjoy it because it looked like youtube add ons or snapchat filters however, it gave me a basic insight and encouraged me to find out more.



Alex Barret. (2014). Life Just Is: a filmmaker’s journal. Available: Last accessed 18-06-2016.
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“It Takes a Village to Find a PhoneFile (How change comes when everybody comes together.″
Intellectual property office. (2014). Exceptions to copyright – An OverviewFile. Available: Last accessed ..
tweet honestly, I tweet passionately: Twitter users, context collapse, and the imagined audienceFile (every person imagines their audience first)


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161 CW1 – Resit

Task 1: Use Photoshop to develop an online ‘brand’ identity for you or your production company. This should either be a logo or a header for your blog.

IMG_1728 (1) copy.png


This is my logo I have created for my brand. It consists of the shape of Africa with a female freedom fighter within the continent.

I wanted something that represents me and what I believe in, because my parents were raised in Eritrea and Ethiopia so its a place I consider home and part of my identity.

In third world countries women can sometimes be at the bottom of the hierarchy, gender roles can be emphasized and because of their gender they may not even have a primary school education. That is why I want my brand to highlight the neglected women of Africa.

My idea came from various sources and one was the fact that 40% of freedom fighters for the struggle for Eritrea’s independence were women which I find remarkable. Male and females fought together on the frontline for a greater purpose. However, England are only planning to do this is 2016! 2016!! and England is supposed to be the developed country…

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 3.22.49 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 3.22.35 PM.png









This Iconic Eritrean Imagine spoke to Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 3.35.29 PM.pngme and inspired my logo along with the African continent shape. I drew the design on a piece of paper, took a photo then transferred it photoshop.
Then I used the pen tool to outline my logo and colored in in within photoshop, after I was happy with it I deleted the original image to get to my finished product.Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 3.40.00 PM.png


It is important for an institution to have a logo because when people become familiar with it the more successful your company is likely to become.

My production company will not be for the mass as the gun in the logo indicate that it isn’t suitable for children. The company will be based on documentaries mainly connected to Africa spanning from issues like war and immigration to the achievements Africans are making.


ELISABETH PERLMAN. (2016). U.K. TO LIFT BAN ON WOMEN FIGHTING ON THE FRONTLINE. Available: Last accessed 17th jun 2016.


Task 2: Remix content found on the Internet to tell a new story – combine (mash), re- edit and deliver them on a new platform to tell a new story. Upload your remix to Vimeo or Youtube. Your final film should be 2-3 minutes in length.

My remix is inspired by Donald trumps controversy, Many people love him and many more hate him because he can sometimes say some ridiculous things. Well that is my opinion, whereas some people feel he is being honest and upfront saying things people may be thinking.

I just wanted to put emphasis on how I see him and show the world what I hear and interpret from when he speaks.


I’ve also made a remix on Michelle Obama dancing to Ethiopian Music, Its will be for a niche audience because they will have better understanding of the parody.


Task 3:  Web 2.0 Storytelling – Choose a ‘classic’ narrative from myth or fairytale. Research the story.

Romeo & Juliet, digital story

I wanted to make a modernized version of Romeo & Juliet set during the age of web 2.0 because I feel it would be very humorous. Ive adapted the language so they have used slang instead. I felt is was a good option as many people should be familiar with Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’

It is interesting that even though the setting of the story has changed the moral stays the same. Dying for love as these raw human emotions never change no matter how much technology advances. This conforms in my mind the idea that there are 7 basic plots used over and over through out time and I have just played a part in that with this digital story.