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A Blue Mind…

I had got given the opportunity to be a part of Kapinga’s third year final Short Film, Which was an insightful experience for me, especially as a first-year student. She created an abstract film representing depression. It’s a challenging but meaningful piece and my role was the Director of photography so I contributed in what shots would look best but I was also operating the camera.

This adventure opened my eyes to the testing demand of the industry. The pressure to get it right as this was my first time in a significant role for a project close to the heart of the creator, also the fact this is the piece that would determine her final grade.

Additionally, I got the chance to work on my editing skills because I got to Edit the trailer to the short film which was used to promote the project.



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SUMMER TASK DOC How Does it feel being Muslim In the UK


During summer I didn’t want to be unproductive and after the BREXIT vote, there had said to have been an increase in hate crimes, up to 57%. Mohammed and I were out clubbing in London at the time the results came in. We were quite disappointed with the results and what it had led to.

In order to try and challenge negative views towards the religion Islam, we went to Wembley, asked Local Muslims how they felt being a minority targeted in the UK. This was an attempt to educate people and open some of their minds.