proposal #1

What I propose to do for our three-minute documentary is a powerful piece on a little primary school child’s experience on being bullied. It’s extremely easy to feel sympathy for a child because they have a sense of innocence about them.

In my head, I can Imagine the visuals to be a time lapse of the child in the middle of a huge school playground. The audience will be able to see the sadness emotion on his/her face while everyone around the subject is moving fast enjoying life

In terms of sound, the subject is going to take us through a journey with a voiceover and I also would just want the ambience of children playing in the background to create a mood. Its sounds that the majority of people can relate with because most of us have been through the school system.


Proposal #2

Women at war

in the armed struggle for independence for Eritrea, women made 40% of the freedom fighters which just proved how ahead of time the society was. especially considering the Uk till this day still doesn’t allow women on the front line.

This documentary would focus on one female who had an involvement in the war, her experiences, and stories whether they are funny or sad. I just want to catch genuine emotion so that the whole world can connect even without knowing the history behind the war.


proposal #3

Settling in the UK

My mother has a lot of funny stories from when she first  got to the Uk in the 1990’s. I would love to find out how hard it was to integrate into a community that doesn’t speak your language and just trying to survive. Also personal experiences including running from immigration and maybe even the journey to England and people and relationships she made on the way.



1 Comment

  1. Three possibilities and they all could have been developed a little more in terms of the characters photos would have helped. As was said today the ethics of working with children would impact on what you could do with No1. No3 sounds like it could be very personal and quite humorous. No 2 really HAS to be made its a great subject that has not had much coverage and if you can get the character to speak it could be powerful. Keep developing it and make it anyway when you get a chance.


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