A Nation in Isolation

Eritrea: A Nation in Isolation Documentary 


This was a highly anticipated documentary in the Eritrean community because the country does not get much press. The fact that it was going to be shown on mainstream T.V was a big deal and very exciting. However, on the day it was meant to be aired the documentary was nowhere to be seen and I still don’t quite know why.

It’s one of the only documentaries that talks positively about the country, I admire Afshin Rattansi for being brave and highlighting a different opinion even if a few of the facts were wrong.

For example using the wrong archive footage labelling it a different war, also exaggerating the number of lives lost.

But apart from the minor errors he raised questions and challenged previous ideas people had on Eritrea. Especially considering the fact that they actually made the documentary in Eritrea rather than relying on word of mouth like previous BBC documentaries.

I’d consider this documentary as participatory because Rattansi was actually inside interviewing and discovering the answers with the audience. It feels like we are on the journey with him.


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