The Story of a Syrian Family Treatment –


Tragic news of bombs that have hit the city of Daraa in Syria is heard, along with a black screen. You hear the voice of the reporter explaining the situation. Mohamed a refugee living in the uk begins to speak about him and his families story. He explains how he used to live in Daraa along with his wife , his 3 sons and 3 daughters. His face is seen looking into the camera, as his voiceover continues. His expression shows that of great emotion. His eyes give the impression that he has seen a lot of terror. He is seen in his home located in Birmingham.

He continues to talk about his home in Syria and the life he led before his home was destroyed. He talks about how was a biochemist engineer and certain signs of the country changing as they lived their daily lives in relation to this his daily life in the UK is shown. He continues to talk about how his house was destroyed and footage is shown of his house in the aftermath of it all. For the first time, they were forced to leave their hometown and look for refuge elsewhere.

They are now living in the U.K and finally feel like they have control of their lives despite the fact that they had many things that they had to adjust to. The father states that he feels happy he can now fulfil the dream of sending his youngest to school. The father is seen with his youngest son who is 6 years of age. He talks about the rest of how he is grateful to have freedom of choice as it was taken away from him for so long. Things that most of us take for granted.

Every human being has the right to seek refuge in any country as it is a basic human right.



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  1. Overall we do get a sense of a visual narrative and you have given this some thought. Whilst some of the shots are clear you need to reexamine this using Picture Logic. The story is clear and compelling but you need a very creative way to tell it without resorting to the mundane use of archive. Very often what is left unshown can be more horrific in the minds of an audience. There is a huge amount of potential visually and I need to get a stronger sense of the beginning, ending, colour and soundscaping as was discussed in the seminar. Story, character and process/conflict are pretty clear but imagery much less so. You need to get together and respond to this comment as a group before the next class and also make sure the Shooting Script is more detailed. The film has a lot of potential that needs to come through on paper first. Much of what was said in class around use of visual metaphors sounded very good in terms of how you could approach this so make sure that is in the Shooting Script if that is the path that you want to follow. This could be a very good film so make sure that it is planned well to ensure it is powerful.


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