Waltz with Bashir

MV5BNjM2OTI3NzQyNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjkzNzQ5MQ@@._V1_UX182_CR0,0,182,268_AL_.jpgA lot of people argue that this falls into the documentary category. It’s an amazing                                                       film by the Iranian Ari Folman. what a refreshing way to present truth, using animation to tell the story of the 1982 invasion of Lebanon from a veteran’s perspective.

I’m not exactly sure what form it would go under but I would guess performative because the audience is watching the event unfold even if it isn’t actually actors or real time events it paints a story.’Walts With Bashir’ reminded me of ‘Persepolis’ which I first

‘Walts With Bashir’ reminded me of ‘Persepolis’ which I first watched

Persepolis_film.jpgwhen I was 14 and absolutely loved. This funnily enough was an Iranian film based on a girl growing up during the Islamic revolution. It was basically documenting events through the girls upbringing, seeing the change through her eyes. I found it to be extremely influential and is one of the reasons I wanted to get into film from a young age.

I love that this don’t follow conventional expository style works. We get to have a new experience and also viewers like receiving information in various different forms, not everyone wants to watch David Attenborough.

I want to take this into consideration when making our documentary because it’s easy to think that documentary is limiting with the stuff you can do in terms of experimentation. It’s not and its inspired us to incorporate something unique to our work.


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