Such a difficult process! A long and painful one because of the pure fact that there’s a serious language barrier. Editing down sound is hard enough when it’s in English but as our subject spoke Arabic it meant for us needing to also translate and subtitle our film.

Luckily Husain and Yusra understand and speak Arabic which made the practice slightly less complicated. However, it was still a struggle because phrases might vary and may not make sense to a British viewer who has different social ideologies.

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 10.41.42 PM.png

Another complication we faced is not getting enough shots because in the editing process. This wasn’t apparent till we brought the shots to the editing stage. It’s almost like we were stretching to fill in the gaps for the three-minute brief.

We wanted the whole video to be an experience, so we experimented with the sounds.When the father talks about being on a boat we created sounds on logic and also recorded some, layered it with other sounds on audition to create a feel of being on the oceon but it did not take away from what he was saying.

This project involved us three being heavily involved with the Editing Process, I was in charge of the rough edit of the clips while Yusra and Husain dealt with the Arabic voiceover and we came together to fit it together like a puzzle.



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