Hageraseb (Short Film)


I saw the trailer for this short film back in 2015, it excited me because it’s one of the first westernised films incorporating my Eritrean culture. It also disappointed me because I wanted to be the first person to present a project like this.

As it is a short film it couldn’t be released straight away, the makers have to generate a buzz. This meant that I saw the actual film a year and a half later. They had screenings before then but they were all based in the US.

Hageraseb is set in 1997, the premise for the


Who made it? :   (director Zia Moharjerjasbi) (Writer Saman Maydani futsum Tsegai) (producer kirby grey)

When was it made?: 23 May 2015

How was it funded?:

What working practices did they adopt?: handheld

How was it distributed?: film festivals and then youtube, also social media famous music artist like macle more promoting the film.

What awards did it win and why?:  best short film Sanfransico black film festival



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