Escape room…


As a group, we were throwing ideas around and one that stuck was an escape room. What this would consist of is a room with a certain theme, you would then have to figure out the clues to find the key to then escape the room. This would enable us to engage the people of Coventry in a light-hearted, fun, captivating way.

It needed some sort of educational value to the project because we want the public to walk away with more than what they walked in with, even if it is minimal information we need our project to have an effect otherwise what is the point. As a result, we came up with making this educational basing it on true events that happened in Coventry, testing how much they really know about their city. world war two was the theme we decided to go with

Our plan was to create an environment, basically developing the skills we learnt from our professional experience module when we had to create an exhibition, and transferring it into 260’s exhibition project. All of the members of the team would be dressed up in overalls and gas masks and we give the public a mask each, rushing them into the room and locking the door behind them. The smoke machine will be on to create the effect of bombings and the war in general but also using different forms of media with an ongoing soundscape of bombing and war.

As research, our group are planning to go to an escape room and see how it works, take away the positives and the negatives to then implement it in our work.

Locations was a tricky aspect because we found the perfect venue in far Gosford but after looking into it, we found out that there is already another escape room within the same area. It would be competition for us, but we had to consider that theirs is a professional business with a better budget so we would look silly basing ourselves next to them.


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