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Risk Assessment…

This is an essential task that needs to be completed in any work wether its abroad or home or if you work in an office or Mcdonalds as this can prevent many accidents from happening. Also incase any equipment goes missing we know exactly what we took out, It is just good practise for the real world when we are actual professionals.


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The plan is to go to Portugal, film in the capital Lisbon, we know that is its a colourful cultural full of life city, crowded with artists and I definitely want to explore that. My Cousin is half Portuguese and visits regularly so I asked him if he or his family knew people and they recommended we go to algarve to visit the oldest restaurant in the city and get to know the owner.

We also talked to other friends who informed us on the culture so that when we arrive we would be able to adjust easily with and film within the law.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 20.10.48.png

Our accommodation is with Air b&b and because we are aware that they must deal with tourists on a regular basis we contacted the landlord, even asked for tips on how to get around and what we need to know for when we arrive.  As the documentary needs to depict real life we wanted to know the not so touristic places so we wouldn’t spend so much time figuring it out when we got there.

Obviously we couldn’t only rely on friends information, that is why we looked online for everyday people based in Lisbon who are artistic. On Instagram we found a street artist who seemed interesting plus unique. He as almost two thousand followers and he represented himself as quite a character so we knew we wanted to meet him. However, I know we have to be aware that there is a risk that he will not want to be part of the project and we would need a plan B.Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 20.24.56.png

Both street art and Street football is popular is Portugal so it would be amazing if we figured out a way we could link the two because the pair have a lot in common like the rural destination, the passion that goes into it, also more times than not these people come from similar backgrounds, usually working class, this is their way of expressing theirselves.

Looking on the Huffington post there was an article on street art in Lisbon, its so fascinating because it literally transforms the building. There is a political rebellious agenda behind it, not just a painting .


Watching similar documentaries like the Belgium ‘The City Game’ influenced as i felt the people being so genuine about the sport that they loved it really highlighted how strong a community can be. I hope our film can affect people in the same way spreading positivity.


Artists such as Banksy influenced me because of his work around London, I’ve grown up seeing certain pieces of his in tottenham where I grew up and its really cool how you don’t know anything about an artist but you know so much about how they think and feel through their art and thats the same with street artists.Image result for banksys work tottenham

Shepard Fairey the founder of a big clothing Obey is also one of my inspirations, he is also a street artist. People argue he is mainstream and his values have changed so then his art is not the same. Thats whats amazing depending on your situation influences what you make and how the public perceive you. He was very much the stereotypical street artist who loved skateboarding, just a rebel in general but I am sure he is more than that that is why its going to be interesting finding more on the people of portugal.

What I have done is looked at other interviews with other artists and seen what questions would be good to incorporate in out video. Basquiat a very talented artist who died at the peak of his career due to drugs abuse. His work looked quite child like but very relatable, what I love was he did not try and fit in. After watching the video I realised that you need to research into the artists work and the questions will come from there as every artist is unique so everyone will have different questions.

We intend to distribute it by sending it to film festivals, I’ve been looking at Cannes and Sun dance and if you want to submit it as a short film/ documentary then the recommended length is under 15 minutes as it needs to fit in with their schedule.

Social media will be a heavy influence on the success of the film and that is the cheapest and most convenient way of distributing our film ensuring all family and friends see it. However, many festivals will not accept the film if its available to the public so this is a decision we are going to have to make.

Short films like Hagreseb done well line many festivals internationally and I would like to follow the same success. The reason for this is because of a trailer, the audience need Hagereseb-poster-cropped.jpg

some sort of idea leading them to decide wether the film is for them or not. Advertising and marketing make or break a film.



By Jaime Rojo & Steven Harrington. (2014). Exploring Lisbon As A Street Art Tourist. . (1), The Huffington Post.



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Possible Ideas in Portugal

Black Portuguese people

After speaking to a few students at the Coventry university a lot of people were not aware of the existence of Black people in Portugal ( Afro-Portuguese).  This is surprised me considering the amount of successful athletes, for example, Nani a player of the Uk premier league team Manchester united.

So now I am curious to see how Afro-Portuguese citizens live their everyday life if they are well integrated with society, if they receive any type of racism also if they feel Portuguese or feel African like their ancestors?

Many questions run through my mind and it would be interesting to explore this in more detail.

Street Football

It is widely known that Portugal is home to some of the best footballers and world class teams. Ronaldo has millions of followers worldwide but he was once a poor boy playing on the streets like hundreds of other children in his country.

I was talking to a Portuguese friend and he told me that literally every street corner there will be a froup of kids playing football. The innocence of it all and these poor kids striving to achieve a dream is beautiful.

We were thinking of following a main subject a child maybe around 13- 15 years old but in doing that highlighting the street football culture.

People of Portugal (Poetic Approach)

Capturing everyday people in their society like a market worker or a fish monger, getting them to recite their favourite poem while having shots of them in their routine environment.

360 Camera documentary

document an event/ festival

do a documentary on the architecture

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Destination Decision…



Coming up with the location we wanted to visit depended on various factors like budget, interest, and reality. It’s the fact that we are working with 4 other people so coming up with a suitable project.

Our Group includes Reginald, Maria, Husain Chloe and me Misal. After brainstorming as short-list was developed consisting of the following countries:

Morroco, Portugal, Japan, Philipeans, Paris

But how possible considering our lack of money due to the fact that we are full-time students was this. Japan would be amazing but the costs would not be worth it.

On the other hand going to Paris would be cheap but it isn’t adventurous enough, It is literally down the road. The reason I chose this course was because it forces me to explore my options within the world of Media, I am able to be ambitious and create a piece different to my competitors in the UK, hopefully enhancing my employability rate.

Also Leaving Europe would be hastle, especially for our first time working abroad. Having to get a visa and travel for long periods during term time when we have other lectures wouls hinder our growth in the course. a place for example like Morroco although we felt is rich in culture and a beautiful place to do a documentary

A place for example like Morroco although we felt is rich in culture and a beautiful place to do a documentary but some of our group members may have some Visa issues. However in saying that locations in Portugal look very similar to Morroco because of its colonial history and as an aspiring cinematographer visually it is very stimulating which excites me.

As for now Portugal is looking the most likely but more research and planning is required. If the subject is not good enough we may have to switch our idea.

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Research Trip – Birmingham People

Our main focus for this trip was to gain some inspiration, we visited three institutions a Museum, exhibition and Birmingham library, we saw the impact it had on the people of Birmingham. widening my understanding on the importance of public spaces as well as why it is needed in today’s society.

The exhibit ‘Birmingham People and Change in the InnerCity’ directly linked with our module in terms of the artists are representing the people of Birmingham using a diverse range of platforms.


This was one of my favourite pieces within this exhibit because I didn’t notice the irony of the painting till I looked deep within. Maybe I’m just slow but the colour scheme did not attract me because of that you don’t notice the diversity at first glance they just all look the same.

I love how the artist travels through eras in time but manages to emphasise the big change Birmingham has gone through. Above all the fact that even though these people are not how Birmingham started out, they speak other languages and have another culture doesn’t make them any less a Birmingham local. They are all as important to the community and make it the place it is today.