Dora the explorer

We trekked on an adventure with our ten man band to the peak district. The aim of this was to scout for some amazing scenery and locations to follow the scripts feel in order to execute the vision properly.

In order to meet the brief, we had to follow one major rule, which is we can not film in Coventry. This gives us the excuse to think outside the box and the opportunity for every single film in the course will look different.


Luckily two people in our group can drive so it made it easier for us to film in different locations and transport as much equipment as we like. In terms of budget this definitely lowers our spending costs.


P.S I LOVE YOU is based on two lovers on the run. This location makes sense because they are in the middle of nowhere surviving. There’s a feeling of them two against the world so if we are able to capture this visually


I took the camera with me because as Cinematographer I need to generate some kind of plan for shots and if I see a location that I think fits I would suggest it to the director and producers but at the end of the day they have the final say.

On our way to the Peak district, we passed a petrol station that I think fits the script so well. Also the fact that its close by to our other locations which makes this convenient for filming too.

It has a run down feel, you can see beautiful country scenery in the back and is deserted so we will be able to film in peace.


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