Narratives in Unusual Spaces (Think While You Shit!)

Your task is to come up with an idea for a narrative ‘in an unusual place’ that you could implement between 11:30 and 14.00PM today.

Think While You Shit!!!

What I liked about this task was that it was like mini prep for the bigger exhibition we would need to make in future. Allowing all our creative juices to flow, the main aim of the task was to get the members of the public in Coventry to interact with it in some form.

I wanted ours to be different, something you wouldn’t think of and I also wanted to make someone’s day. It wasn’t easy coming up with something in a short amount of time but then I thought too when I have a shower or on long bus journeys, you have a lot of time to think and daydream. you wonder so many different things about the world and especially when you excrete in the toilet it can sometimes be boring or you may come up with the best ideas.

dilema 3.jpg

delema 1.jpg

It then leads me to the thought of the adverts at the back of the cubicle toilets and how you would read that. when I mentioned this to my group one member said that back home in Lithuania they would advertise films on top of the urinals and this was a very effective way of advertising because people would actually want to watch the film.

As a group we thought it would be cool, funny but also interesting, maybe a little like a social experiment if we left questions (Mind blowing unanswerable)  at a back of the toilet cubicles and because you have a lot of time to think on a toilet seat we would leave a pen attached and they would be able to write an answer. We weren’t sure how many people would participate considering how unhygienic it was, also the fact that this may even be considered as vandalising but we were invested in the idea.



We planted a variety of different questions all over Coventry university, especially in the Ellen terry building because it is filled with creatives and they would get the banter but also inside the library toilets. Reason being that these people must be stressed out trying to meet deadlines so when they go for their toilet break this could be a little something that actually makes their day. At the end of the day I went to check the answers and really funny answers for left behind I even heard one girl laughing as she went into the toilet and I knew it was down to our ‘Think While You Shit!’ Idea.

As the days went on more and more comments were left behind, I definitely think it would be interesting to do on a bigger scale.


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