Research Trip – Birmingham People

Our main focus for this trip was to gain some inspiration, we visited three institutions a Museum, exhibition and Birmingham library, we saw the impact it had on the people of Birmingham. widening my understanding on the importance of public spaces as well as why it is needed in today’s society.

The exhibit ‘Birmingham People and Change in the InnerCity’ directly linked with our module in terms of the artists are representing the people of Birmingham using a diverse range of platforms.


This was one of my favourite pieces within this exhibit because I didn’t notice the irony of the painting till I looked deep within. Maybe I’m just slow but the colour scheme did not attract me because of that you don’t notice the diversity at first glance they just all look the same.

I love how the artist travels through eras in time but manages to emphasise the big change Birmingham has gone through. Above all the fact that even though these people are not how Birmingham started out, they speak other languages and have another culture doesn’t make them any less a Birmingham local. They are all as important to the community and make it the place it is today.



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