Possible Ideas in Portugal

Black Portuguese people

After speaking to a few students at the Coventry university a lot of people were not aware of the existence of Black people in Portugal ( Afro-Portuguese).  This is surprised me considering the amount of successful athletes, for example, Nani a player of the Uk premier league team Manchester united.

So now I am curious to see how Afro-Portuguese citizens live their everyday life if they are well integrated with society, if they receive any type of racism also if they feel Portuguese or feel African like their ancestors?

Many questions run through my mind and it would be interesting to explore this in more detail.

Street Football

It is widely known that Portugal is home to some of the best footballers and world class teams. Ronaldo has millions of followers worldwide but he was once a poor boy playing on the streets like hundreds of other children in his country.

I was talking to a Portuguese friend and he told me that literally every street corner there will be a froup of kids playing football. The innocence of it all and these poor kids striving to achieve a dream is beautiful.

We were thinking of following a main subject a child maybe around 13- 15 years old but in doing that highlighting the street football culture.

People of Portugal (Poetic Approach)

Capturing everyday people in their society like a market worker or a fish monger, getting them to recite their favourite poem while having shots of them in their routine environment.

360 Camera documentary

document an event/ festival

do a documentary on the architecture


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