Change of Plan

We lost focus on the project due to other modules getting in the way, as the deadline day was approaching faster than we thought. The original idea of the escape room was a great Idea, I loved it but members of our group were Having doubts which I agree with, all our money had gone to short film especially because one of the conditions of the module meant we aren’t allowed to film in Coventry we had to pay out for accommodation, travel, food and other expenses.

Managing our time was difficult we had to actively choose where we would prioritise our time and in order to make a good short film, I think we ended up putting the majority of our efforts there. Not only that but our location fell through so we went and decided to go with another idea.

At first, we thought about leaving cameras around Coventry allowing the people to express themselves then we would collect the cameras and make an exhibition with those photos. However, considering the size of our group we didn’t think that was a significant amount of work.

What ended up happening was that we remembered back to the ‘Birmingham People and Change in the InnerCity’ Exhibit how they had self-portraitsIMG_3156.JPG of different people who have different cultures. We could incorporate the camera in Cov idea do the exhibition but also have loads of stalls with people representing their country, you would go to each stall and learn a bit about their traditional food, music or clothes as these people make up the city of Coventry.

On the day Micheal made a poster and Reginald started emailing all the different cultural societies to see if they had an interest in what we were doing and I also posted in the voices society.


However, weeks went by and nobody was replying, or the people who did reply backed out last minute which was getting us anxious and yet again we scrapped the idea because it was failing slowly and slowly.

We needed an idea that did not involve the reliance of other people, something we could do and it doesn’t matter how many people participate because it would still be a success. But also an idea which would allow a lot of development so everyone in the group has done a substantial amount of work.

That leads us into our final idea the ‘Chronicle Experience’ playing with the actual streets of Coventry. Whereby we would give each person an Mp3 audio file they would then listen to the instructions and follow the mission to complete the story. we would have actors along the way and they would need to find the clues, the stories will have fictional and non-fictional elements to it as they are walking through Coventry some of the events will correlate with the actual history.


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