Saw the maze & Flash Mobs…

Billions of creative ideas have already been done, it’s very useful to take away ideas which have been successful in the past and rebirth them with our own twist.  Saw The Live Maze an attraction in UK’s Thorpe park is a franchise of the 6 saw films. Elements like the actors gave the experience an authentic feel cementing the frightening factor. We plan to execute this element within our idea of the ‘Chronicle Experience’ satisfying people’s voyeuristic tendencies, giving participants the opportunity to feel the situation as if they had been through it.

The plan is to base the location outside because the greater public generate a ‘normal’ environment which automatically would set the scene. Acts similar to Flash mobs also provided influence for ‘Chronicle Experience’. The first flash mob was created 2003 in Manhattan originally designed to make some sort of cultural-political statement, seemingly pointless at the time but extremely entertaining. Now the craze is worldwide, even T-mobile has made flash mobs because it’s an innovative ways of advertising their company. Instead, our group will try and evolve the idea by adding an educational aspect as well where the history of Coventry will be highlighted, also the experience is more interactive because you only watch flash mobs where as the public in ‘Chronicle experience’ are the participants.

Another survey we made asked the public questions regarding their thoughts on walking for periods of time, if they exercise and if they enjoy augmented reality games such as Pokemon go. The answers we received from it effected the time and length of the course, what type of narratives we included, and even questioned our idea itself. For example, if a person hates walking we would make the distance shorter. Reasoning for why we did this is because if this is for the people of Coventry we need a product that reflects them and is beneficial for the growth of the community.


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