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Peoples democracy front for justice (2016). HISTORY OF ERITREA FROM ANCIENT TIMES TO INDEPENDENCE. Asmara, Eritrea: Awghet bookstores. 1-219.

This is a text book used to teach Eritrean college students the basic history starting from the pre historic times. I have gained the knowlege from this text when and where migration happened and what colonilism has contributed to their societies traditions.

Geography Now. (2016). Geography Now! Eritrea. Available: Last accessed 21-05-2017.

n/a. (2016). Contestants. Available:!. Last accessed 20-15-2017.

shabait Administrator. (2014). Eritrea’s 9 ethnic groups. Available: Last accessed 21-05-2017.


LUCY WATERLOW FOR MAILONLINE. (2014). Meet the ‘gypsies of the desert’: Photographer gains rare insight into lives of the nomadic Rashaida where girls are betrothed at six and most modern technology is shunned Read more: http://www.dai. Available: Last accessed 22-05-2017.




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  • What you have accomplished in your first two years at Coventry,?Within the first two years at Coventry university, I have accomplished projects I never thought I would, dived into a diverse range of genres, platforms including short films, documentaries and even hold events/exhibitions. When I started out my only goal was to make films not knowing the endless possibilities beyond camera operating. For example during the module “Professional experience” The task was to get into groups to create an exhibition showcasing our previous work beneath one underlying theme. Our theme was ‘going for your dreams’ under the form of documentary, I can understand why people would not be engaged meaning we had to come up with innovative ways to attract audience. In the end we made a type of 4d experience involving taste, smell sound and interacting with our viewers so that they could leave feeling affected. These skills I learnt are extremely transferable beyond the exhibition module as there are elements of producing in terms of sorting out the budget, contacting participants, consent forms, locations scouting and even in terms of marketing which will definitely be useful when carrying out any personal projects.
    February this year ‘2017’ I had the opportunity in global experience to fly out to Portugal and produce a project of our own and last year we went to Amsterdam to film a VT for the TV studio module. These are not only accomplishments but experiences I don’t think I’d be able to accumulate anywhere else contributing to the success of my portfolio increasing the chance of my employability.
  • (2) what skills you would like to develop in your final yearI have come so far however, there is so much more to learn. The main skill I would love to develop is independence, especially because I’ll be working on my fmp which I hope to be a representation of the quality of work I can produce in the professional world.  Understanding each aspect that goes into making an independent film and making my mistakes now so that It doesn’t happen again when I leave university. Once finishing final year I would have like to be equipped with the most important skill, storytelling, being able to articulate my piece of work in a way that affects the viewer’s emotions getting the exact message I want across. As of right now I contain the basics of editing, videography, in future, I’d like to capitalise on what I know using it like a weapon of destruction. Manipulating the theory inventing a new style unique to my work. Lastly, communication is key, specifically in developing my skills as a cinematographer. The director of photography’s role consists of liaising with the gaffer  ( who deals with lighting) and the camera operator (who carries out the shots) communication skills ensure that your plans are thoroughly implemented and just makes a better working relationship.
  • (3) a discussion of how your final group project for this class can help you apply or develop these skills.
    The final group project has been the beginning in developing my skills and has been the start of my FMP research as my plan is to film a documentary in Eritrea. What this project has allowed me to do is look more into the history of the people, which I am sure will benefit me when it comes to representing the people of Eritrea fairly. Self-reliance while working in a team was another skill I developed because although we are all working together we have separate roles and responsibilities. The sky is the limit with this project, whatever you want to do can be done meaning I’m able to apply photography skills with my photo lookbook, videography skills with the future documentary I want to create and apply the knowledge I have from the research to form a strong serviceable product.
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How has this experience and expert advice influenced your perceptions about the professional world? (500 words max)


How has this experience and expert advice influenced your perceptions about the professional world? (500 words max)

Outline details of how working on placements has strengthened your skills and professionalism. Give details on how the guidance and feedback you have gained from the industry professionals (this can be feedback from experts on Masterclasses and those you have worked on during your placements) may shape your future career goal. What have you learnt and what do you hope to achieve moving forward?

Working on placement has had a huge impact on me, it absolutely strengthened my skills and enhanced my professionalism carving my idea on what attributes exactly is needed in order to achieve success in the industry.

Especially in terms of freelance it can be difficult, also inconsistent when looking for jobs, they do not come to you, characteristics wise I’d need to be out going using my own initiative to search for jobs as they aren’t guaranteed. However, what I learnt is the better your portfolio becomes the easier it gets to find work. Placement has given that slight ease and convenience in having the ability to get experience, build a portfolio without compromising University time.

Positive feedback from industry professionals undeniably motivates me to do well. When I was working in the Netherlands at the conference I was the youngest by at least 15 years, they knew nothing about me but they trusted me with such a big role for such an important event. Their confidence in me gave me courage, also after every break, the director would come up to me to express how well I was doing and what I need to do next time to achieve a better outcome for the next take. Shaping my knowledge on the best way to frame and shaping my idea on what I may want to do in the future which is a  director of photography.

Meera’s Masterclass was helpful and a big role model in terms of her being in the same situation as me but being able to achieve so much. She has done professional experience and knows from the students perspective. Meera instilled the concept of no fear of rejection, constantly sending out emails to industry professionals whether it be for feedback or for placements, it’s always best to try because the probability of them replying may be small but it is still there so in that sense you have nothing to lose.

In terms of cinematography, I used to believe in order to create a masterpiece you need up to date expensive equipment. Reed O’Beirne in his master class showed me how amazing as an artist you can be by experimenting with different cameras while developing your own style. As he has shot whole films using super-8’s, a motion film camera, he mentions how it gives you an understanding of the film history plus its process making oneself a better filmmaker for it. in that sense he is essentially telling us that research is key.

I’ve learnt how to conduct myself within the industry through observing other professionals and the positive mindset you need to be a freelancer is essential because it is very tough, stress may come as the future is uncertain. In future, I would love a placement in a big media institution so I’m exposed to that side of the industry but this experience gave me independence and reassurance that I’m choosing the right path. Hopefully, I too achieve recognition like these amazing role models.

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Details of the research conducted during this module (400 words max)

Details of the research conducted during this module (400 words max)

What made you choose that particular role? Comment on any research you conducted to find this role and the skills required for it (this can include talking to people already in the industry or reading information on specialist websites).

Majority of the time during my professional experience I was a camera operator/ Cinematographer and I chose this role because of my previous experience. One of our other modules ‘short film’ really exposed me to the world of the director of photography and I just wanted to feel the environment in a more professional setting. As the DOP you have the opportunity to be so creative with how the shot looks, which I was drawn to.

____ mentions the conceptual tools of cinematography “not the physical tools of filmmak ing: the camera, dolly, the lights, cranes and camera mounts” because anybody can buy equipment but it is about knowing the skills because you can create something better on an iPhone compared to someone who doesn’t know the conceptual tools using a red camera. Blain Brown talks on how the

“• The frame
• Light and color                                                                                                                                    • The lens
• Movement
• Texture
• Establishing
• POV”

all are fundamental parts to consider when taking on such a huge role at the end of the day we want people to enjoy or react positively to our work whether that is sad or happy if they are engaged that you are successful. I  had to incorporate this information within my roles like the advertisements for the Falafel and Shin Ramen restaurant because it can be hard to retain the attention of the public when all you are screening is food, tables and buildings. As a cinematographer, I had to use “movement” for example with the slider to give it a bit of a Hollywood cinematic feel already adding a sense of professionalism.


Throughout of the course of my professional experience, I delved into roles I hadn’t had much experience with such as creating a poster on photoshop. What I ended up doing was watching many youtube videos like “How to Design a Bright Summer Music Festival Poster: Photoshop Tutorial” using step by step tutorials repeatedly practising till I gained the tools I needed to create my own.

Lastly Sound was a subject I knew near to nothing about, I knew how to use a zoom h4 and connect an XLR cable to it but you really underestimate the importance of the role. I took on the role for a number of projects including AyListTV’s comedy videos which took place outside and the talk show ‘This is Not BANTER- talk show’

Dave Rat, once the sound engineer of the Red hot chilli peppers said “Mixing sound in the live realm is not rocket science. In fact, it’s probably closer to voodoo.” 

highlighting the harsh reality of the sound industry, there will be many factors that will obstruct like filming outside for ‘AyList’ on a very windy day, I had to come with solutions on how to reduce the wind noise whether we cover the mic with a cloth or not for example so it’s not just about the equipment but me proactively using intuitive to get the best result.


blain brown (2012). cinematography theory and practice imagemaking for cinematographers & directors . 2nd ed. 225 Wyman Street, Waltham, MA 02451, USA The Boulevard, Langford Lane, Kidlington, Oxford, OX5 1GB, UK: focal press. 4.

DesignCuts. (2016). How to Design a Bright Summer Music Festival Poster: Photoshop Tutorial. Available: Last accessed 09-05-2017.

Keith Clark. (2015). Professional audio people say the darndest things — and here’s the proof…. Available: Last accessed 9th may.

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500-word​ professional experience

During the past few months, I applied for a few internships including SBTV Link up TV, BBC & ITV however, no institutions had gotten back to me which resulted in me doing freelance work instead. Overall I believe it to be a positive outcome as it gave me the opportunity to work on a diverse variety of projects from advertisements to documenting conferences enhancing the number of skills gained. 

Some of the projects I worked on included:

FUSE ODG Club Empire

The club needed a team to capture the performance of world known artist Fuse Odg to use it as a marketing tool for future events. That is where we came in as we were students willing to work for free, the club owners didn’t want pay for media coverage so it made us perfect candidates.

My duties firstly were to gather with the team to discuss the plan of the shoot. It was also to camera operate and to edit which took about a week in total but that is considering that I am not constantly editing. One of the challenges I faced was that clubbers tend to think you are the photographer and try to get your attention so that they can have their photo taken which does get annoying, also lighting is a gigantic challenge because clubs are extremely dim, you can’t set up Arri lights because that would be a hazard so instead all you can bring is an on camera flash light which only can really light the subject right in front.

Autism pin

This is a charity that focuses on the minorities with Autism mainly the black community. On the day, as the camera operator, one of my major challenged was making sure the autistic children would stop kicking my tripod, they found it hilarious but it was really difficult to have a steady shot. It definitely tested my patients so in future I will be able to deal with situations smoothly.

Falafel Corner + Shin Ramen (restaurants)

These two were separate jobs but I got the same knowledge out of it because they were both advertisements. My role again was camera operating, it encouraged me to think creatively with shots because these buildings can be quite boring to look at so the main question is how to spice it up so this marketing technique is successful.

I also had the opportunity to work on Glass Box Fashion show + YNKE Fashion promo

This is not BANTERTalk show, AyListenTV ComedyFuture Dance Music video + Dance class + Fusion Poster & an FMP

All the projects explored a variety of platforms from youtube to websites and school assembly environments even print as one company had asked me to make a poster for their event which I hadn’t done before so I watched a few tutorials online. so I am happy with the new found skill and hope to build on that.

YPFDJ Conference in Netherlands + Fenkil war event (uk)

This was the most exciting as it was abroad in Holland, it was a real professional environment, the Eritrean embassy in the UK recommended I took part so I quickly became a camera operator with headsets taking orders from the director and vision mixer on what shot and how to frame it during the conference with more than 650 people. It was meant to consist of 4 days from the 13th of April to the 17th however the mayor of the city ordered all the Eritreans to leave not only the hotel but the city which left 400 stranded including children and disabled, another 250 sent to Belgium a whole other country. This was a massive challenge because now we had to look for accommodation on good Friday which is almost impossible. None the less it was a great experience learnt how to work internationally rather than only the UK which will give my CV a bit more substance,