500-word​ professional experience

During the past few months, I applied for a few internships including SBTV Link up TV, BBC & ITV however, no institutions had gotten back to me which resulted in me doing freelance work instead. Overall I believe it to be a positive outcome as it gave me the opportunity to work on a diverse variety of projects from advertisements to documenting conferences enhancing the number of skills gained. 

Some of the projects I worked on included:

FUSE ODG Club Empire

The club needed a team to capture the performance of world known artist Fuse Odg to use it as a marketing tool for future events. That is where we came in as we were students willing to work for free, the club owners didn’t want pay for media coverage so it made us perfect candidates.

My duties firstly were to gather with the team to discuss the plan of the shoot. It was also to camera operate and to edit which took about a week in total but that is considering that I am not constantly editing. One of the challenges I faced was that clubbers tend to think you are the photographer and try to get your attention so that they can have their photo taken which does get annoying, also lighting is a gigantic challenge because clubs are extremely dim, you can’t set up Arri lights because that would be a hazard so instead all you can bring is an on camera flash light which only can really light the subject right in front.

Autism pin

This is a charity that focuses on the minorities with Autism mainly the black community. On the day, as the camera operator, one of my major challenged was making sure the autistic children would stop kicking my tripod, they found it hilarious but it was really difficult to have a steady shot. It definitely tested my patients so in future I will be able to deal with situations smoothly.

Falafel Corner + Shin Ramen (restaurants)

These two were separate jobs but I got the same knowledge out of it because they were both advertisements. My role again was camera operating, it encouraged me to think creatively with shots because these buildings can be quite boring to look at so the main question is how to spice it up so this marketing technique is successful.

I also had the opportunity to work on Glass Box Fashion show + YNKE Fashion promo

This is not BANTERTalk show, AyListenTV ComedyFuture Dance Music video + Dance class + Fusion Poster & an FMP

All the projects explored a variety of platforms from youtube to websites and school assembly environments even print as one company had asked me to make a poster for their event which I hadn’t done before so I watched a few tutorials online. so I am happy with the new found skill and hope to build on that.

YPFDJ Conference in Netherlands + Fenkil war event (uk)

This was the most exciting as it was abroad in Holland, it was a real professional environment, the Eritrean embassy in the UK recommended I took part so I quickly became a camera operator with headsets taking orders from the director and vision mixer on what shot and how to frame it during the conference with more than 650 people. It was meant to consist of 4 days from the 13th of April to the 17th however the mayor of the city ordered all the Eritreans to leave not only the hotel but the city which left 400 stranded including children and disabled, another 250 sent to Belgium a whole other country. This was a massive challenge because now we had to look for accommodation on good Friday which is almost impossible. None the less it was a great experience learnt how to work internationally rather than only the UK which will give my CV a bit more substance,



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