Details of the research conducted during this module (400 words max)

Details of the research conducted during this module (400 words max)

What made you choose that particular role? Comment on any research you conducted to find this role and the skills required for it (this can include talking to people already in the industry or reading information on specialist websites).

Majority of the time during my professional experience I was a camera operator/ Cinematographer and I chose this role because of my previous experience. One of our other modules ‘short film’ really exposed me to the world of the director of photography and I just wanted to feel the environment in a more professional setting. As the DOP you have the opportunity to be so creative with how the shot looks, which I was drawn to.

____ mentions the conceptual tools of cinematography “not the physical tools of filmmak ing: the camera, dolly, the lights, cranes and camera mounts” because anybody can buy equipment but it is about knowing the skills because you can create something better on an iPhone compared to someone who doesn’t know the conceptual tools using a red camera. Blain Brown talks on how the

“• The frame
• Light and color                                                                                                                                    • The lens
• Movement
• Texture
• Establishing
• POV”

all are fundamental parts to consider when taking on such a huge role at the end of the day we want people to enjoy or react positively to our work whether that is sad or happy if they are engaged that you are successful. I  had to incorporate this information within my roles like the advertisements for the Falafel and Shin Ramen restaurant because it can be hard to retain the attention of the public when all you are screening is food, tables and buildings. As a cinematographer, I had to use “movement” for example with the slider to give it a bit of a Hollywood cinematic feel already adding a sense of professionalism.


Throughout of the course of my professional experience, I delved into roles I hadn’t had much experience with such as creating a poster on photoshop. What I ended up doing was watching many youtube videos like “How to Design a Bright Summer Music Festival Poster: Photoshop Tutorial” using step by step tutorials repeatedly practising till I gained the tools I needed to create my own.

Lastly Sound was a subject I knew near to nothing about, I knew how to use a zoom h4 and connect an XLR cable to it but you really underestimate the importance of the role. I took on the role for a number of projects including AyListTV’s comedy videos which took place outside and the talk show ‘This is Not BANTER- talk show’

Dave Rat, once the sound engineer of the Red hot chilli peppers said “Mixing sound in the live realm is not rocket science. In fact, it’s probably closer to voodoo.” 

highlighting the harsh reality of the sound industry, there will be many factors that will obstruct like filming outside for ‘AyList’ on a very windy day, I had to come with solutions on how to reduce the wind noise whether we cover the mic with a cloth or not for example so it’s not just about the equipment but me proactively using intuitive to get the best result.


blain brown (2012). cinematography theory and practice imagemaking for cinematographers & directors . 2nd ed. 225 Wyman Street, Waltham, MA 02451, USA The Boulevard, Langford Lane, Kidlington, Oxford, OX5 1GB, UK: focal press. 4.

DesignCuts. (2016). How to Design a Bright Summer Music Festival Poster: Photoshop Tutorial. Available: Last accessed 09-05-2017.

Keith Clark. (2015). Professional audio people say the darndest things — and here’s the proof…. Available: Last accessed 9th may.


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