How has this experience and expert advice influenced your perceptions about the professional world? (500 words max)


How has this experience and expert advice influenced your perceptions about the professional world? (500 words max)

Outline details of how working on placements has strengthened your skills and professionalism. Give details on how the guidance and feedback you have gained from the industry professionals (this can be feedback from experts on Masterclasses and those you have worked on during your placements) may shape your future career goal. What have you learnt and what do you hope to achieve moving forward?

Working on placement has had a huge impact on me, it absolutely strengthened my skills and enhanced my professionalism carving my idea on what attributes exactly is needed in order to achieve success in the industry.

Especially in terms of freelance it can be difficult, also inconsistent when looking for jobs, they do not come to you, characteristics wise I’d need to be out going using my own initiative to search for jobs as they aren’t guaranteed. However, what I learnt is the better your portfolio becomes the easier it gets to find work. Placement has given that slight ease and convenience in having the ability to get experience, build a portfolio without compromising University time.

Positive feedback from industry professionals undeniably motivates me to do well. When I was working in the Netherlands at the conference I was the youngest by at least 15 years, they knew nothing about me but they trusted me with such a big role for such an important event. Their confidence in me gave me courage, also after every break, the director would come up to me to express how well I was doing and what I need to do next time to achieve a better outcome for the next take. Shaping my knowledge on the best way to frame and shaping my idea on what I may want to do in the future which is a  director of photography.

Meera’s Masterclass was helpful and a big role model in terms of her being in the same situation as me but being able to achieve so much. She has done professional experience and knows from the students perspective. Meera instilled the concept of no fear of rejection, constantly sending out emails to industry professionals whether it be for feedback or for placements, it’s always best to try because the probability of them replying may be small but it is still there so in that sense you have nothing to lose.

In terms of cinematography, I used to believe in order to create a masterpiece you need up to date expensive equipment. Reed O’Beirne in his master class showed me how amazing as an artist you can be by experimenting with different cameras while developing your own style. As he has shot whole films using super-8’s, a motion film camera, he mentions how it gives you an understanding of the film history plus its process making oneself a better filmmaker for it. in that sense he is essentially telling us that research is key.

I’ve learnt how to conduct myself within the industry through observing other professionals and the positive mindset you need to be a freelancer is essential because it is very tough, stress may come as the future is uncertain. In future, I would love a placement in a big media institution so I’m exposed to that side of the industry but this experience gave me independence and reassurance that I’m choosing the right path. Hopefully, I too achieve recognition like these amazing role models.


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