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  • What you have accomplished in your first two years at Coventry,?Within the first two years at Coventry university, I have accomplished projects I never thought I would, dived into a diverse range of genres, platforms including short films, documentaries and even hold events/exhibitions. When I started out my only goal was to make films not knowing the endless possibilities beyond camera operating. For example during the module “Professional experience” The task was to get into groups to create an exhibition showcasing our previous work beneath one underlying theme. Our theme was ‘going for your dreams’ under the form of documentary, I can understand why people would not be engaged meaning we had to come up with innovative ways to attract audience. In the end we made a type of 4d experience involving taste, smell sound and interacting with our viewers so that they could leave feeling affected. These skills I learnt are extremely transferable beyond the exhibition module as there are elements of producing in terms of sorting out the budget, contacting participants, consent forms, locations scouting and even in terms of marketing which will definitely be useful when carrying out any personal projects.
    February this year ‘2017’ I had the opportunity in global experience to fly out to Portugal and produce a project of our own and last year we went to Amsterdam to film a VT for the TV studio module. These are not only accomplishments but experiences I don’t think I’d be able to accumulate anywhere else contributing to the success of my portfolio increasing the chance of my employability.
  • (2) what skills you would like to develop in your final yearI have come so far however, there is so much more to learn. The main skill I would love to develop is independence, especially because I’ll be working on my fmp which I hope to be a representation of the quality of work I can produce in the professional world.  Understanding each aspect that goes into making an independent film and making my mistakes now so that It doesn’t happen again when I leave university. Once finishing final year I would have like to be equipped with the most important skill, storytelling, being able to articulate my piece of work in a way that affects the viewer’s emotions getting the exact message I want across. As of right now I contain the basics of editing, videography, in future, I’d like to capitalise on what I know using it like a weapon of destruction. Manipulating the theory inventing a new style unique to my work. Lastly, communication is key, specifically in developing my skills as a cinematographer. The director of photography’s role consists of liaising with the gaffer  ( who deals with lighting) and the camera operator (who carries out the shots) communication skills ensure that your plans are thoroughly implemented and just makes a better working relationship.
  • (3) a discussion of how your final group project for this class can help you apply or develop these skills.
    The final group project has been the beginning in developing my skills and has been the start of my FMP research as my plan is to film a documentary in Eritrea. What this project has allowed me to do is look more into the history of the people, which I am sure will benefit me when it comes to representing the people of Eritrea fairly. Self-reliance while working in a team was another skill I developed because although we are all working together we have separate roles and responsibilities. The sky is the limit with this project, whatever you want to do can be done meaning I’m able to apply photography skills with my photo lookbook, videography skills with the future documentary I want to create and apply the knowledge I have from the research to form a strong serviceable product.

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