The Dutch system is crazy. When I first got to the netherlands the teachers warned us that Dutch Students are not ambitious and are fine with just about getting a pass. I was so confused, why come to university then? As weeks went on I saw my classes attendance drop, till it got to the point where it was only me and another girl. I had not missed a single class, not that it matters because attendence isnt taken but I thought it would be to my advantage and benefit me when it comes to exams.

The most stressful aspect about this uni is constant coursework deadlines assignments and exams, its almost like every three weeks but that isnt enough time to know a subjects ins and outs. Within the first three weeks I had ti hand in a thousand word essay on ‘Framing in the media’ which I took my time on, I followed the formula given showed a bunch of people and everyone told me it was good but I still managed to fail which really confused. I got a 5.1 out of 10 but I needed 5.5 to pass. As I went around the class theres a mixture of people needing to retake, nobody was upset with their failure it was something they were pretty used to. It has even damaged my metality because by the end I didn’t even care to pass as the work I was putting was evident in my results and I emphathise with the Dutch students.

Soon after that I had more assessments, a presentation In Amsterdam, a presentation in Utrecht and a exam all on the same day let alone the same time. What was I going to do? Surely it will be impossible for me to pass all because I wont be able to be at three places at once. It was like the system was set out for me to fail. Plus I had groupwork coursework so there was literally no time. I told my teachers but it felt like they had no care in the world for my situation when its the institutions fault for the terrible scheduling. At this point I told my self as long as I have learnt from this experience and the lessons then its not a failure because its not about the grade on the paper but the knowledge I take away that lasts for life.

Back in coventry I dont have any exams, so this type failure was new to me but is preparing me for my final year.


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