Den Haag Protest & Sweden Conference (Year Abroad).

Building contacts are essential to being successful in a creative industry. While in the Netherlands I got to know the Eritrean community so I was helping out where I can.  They held a peaceful protest in den Haag where the parliment is Located and they had asked me to take some photos. It was a great experience  the energy was beautiful and I think I captured the passion in my shots. The protest was about the Dutch government continuesly shutting down any Eritren event unlawfully.

This later lead me to filming the Eritrean Europe conference which happens once a year in different locations, this year it was Stockholm. From the contacts that I had built in the UK and the Netherlands brought me to this oppurtunity.  It’s really given me a taste for the future and really motivated me to strive for  career that allows me to travel accross the globe.


What I love about this conference is you get to meet people just like you all over Europe. You find people who can relate to you Experiences being Eritrean and European and gives you a strong sense of identity after you leave.


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